Our History

The beginnings of GOHER TEXTILE GROUP date back to the year 1980 when Mr. José Gómez Herrera founded a manufacturing and marketing company of women´s and men´s underwear, but it was not until 1987 when  GOHER TEXTILE CALELLA .S.A. COMPANY was founded, and in this way consolidated the first part of project.


For many years the company was consolidated and positioned in the sector under GOHER AND MADUSSIA brands, and around 1991 the head production and commercial offices were moved to Hostalric village.


At the end of 1999, as an expansion result, a new brand of lingerie was acquired: MARTI, and was incorporated a new textile processing section, based on rubber bands and spinning handler manufacturing and circular machines were acquired too to produce own fabrics.


In 2004, Mr. Sr. Gómez Herrera acquired a new brand of pajamas named ALWAYS LAND, emphasized the own brands positioning in Spanish market and founded a new company named FATEXCOLY  S.L, which was dedicated to carry out marketing and sales of raw materials for textile products.


By that time, GOHER TEXTILE CALELLA S.A. COMPANY, was an important national reference concerning design, manufacturing and underwear marketing.


In 2005, a new unit of seamless garment’s manufacturing was included, producing at the same time, a great impact into national market.


In 2010, a new company of spinning and garment dry cleaner was acquired too, giving rise to the origins of the new company CAT GROUPE 2005,


Around 2013, Goher Group, provided by the best designers, technicians and competitive athletes, generated a department dedicated to develop and design sportswear. This was the origin of LAND SPORT, which at this time has an important sales network throughout Spanish territory and abroad,.


In 2014, a new socks famous Brand named CLARÍN, was acquired, including also the relevant distribution and sales network. As a result of this acquisition, a new product line was opened into national market.


In 2017, a new socks Brand named CARLOMAGNO was acquired, taking one more step to create a new expansion project in the European Economic Community, Mexico and The United States of America.


Since the beginnings in 1980, until today, Goher Textile Calella S.A Group, had been growing, developing and innovating the textile world, and actually includes all manufacturing and garment’s marketing process ,even the design, dyeing, spinning, fabrics, packaging and distribution, as well as manufactures garments for Third-party , as high level and prestigious international brands.

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